Tickets MUST be purchased before 6pm Wednesday. Please Read. Buying a bus ticket is your acknowledgement of having read the entire note below.

Tickets MUST be purchased before Wednesday at 6pm. “NO GO” day bus tickets roll over to the next week of “GO” operation, no refunds. If the ticket is not used the following “GO” weekend, the ticket will be lost. Rollover are only due to Sky Tavern being a ‘NO GO”. Children who participate in the bus program arrive at their bus pick-up location (Reed High School, Wooster High School) no later than 7:00am. All Skis and Snowboards are required to be in a bag. The return bus leaves approximately 2:30pm from Sky Tavern (we do not let the bus leave until every child is accounted for), and they are returned to their drop-off location between 3:15-4pm; parents should arrive by 3:15pm for picking up children. If you need to pick your child up from Sky Tavern, they MUST be checked out at the front desk prior to 2:30pm. If there are no spots left on your preferred bus stop location, OR if you’re past the 6pm Wednesday weekly deadline, please open a support ticket for availability.

2020 Bus Transportation- Week 1 Saturday Reed HS

WEEK 1 Tickets must be purchased by Wednesday 6pm, if you missed the deal line please CALL the office for availability
Children, ages 9 and up, wishing to ride the bus to Sky Tavern from an area drop-off location. Bus transportation is for one round trip ride to and from Sky Tavern.

Students are required to show their id membership badges upon boarding the bus! Please pick up your ID Badge at the front desk.