Plowing the lot again. I've gone whole seasons when we never cleared the lot more than twice. This is a good problem to have. Tonka Trucks do get you somewhere later in life.
Week 6 for Saturday and 5 for Sunday. GO as of 4 PM Thursday. Watch your emails for any changes. It is only a 30% chance of snow this weekend as opposed to 100% last few!
Friday Afternoon 1-4
The plan is to run Rocco and Sky Ridge, Friday 1-4 since it did dry out a bit here. I was really not sure we could. But getting creative with staffing and rides to the hill. PSIA/AASI may be doing some clinics.Instructors come up to become the best instructors that ever explained a fall line. Race Team will be doing some drills on Rocco. They can share the space. We are looking for some more lift help so we can pull this off. Lets see what happens. Come learn a little and ski a little. It's your mountain.
If you have been wondering why all the folks standing staring at the TV at the front desk, it is because one of our own former racer kids is competing in Siberia at theKrasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universlad. This is a huge winter international sports event, second only to the Winter Olympics is size and scope. Check out our kid, Thomas Hayward, in Skier Cross. He was the long haired kid here a few weeks ago skiing with the kids. Still love him.
This weekend there is going to be some people looking for some opinions about what we should do with all this snow. How long should we try to run. Going to say we have used enough diesel fuel in the snowcats to date as we use in an entire year. There might need to be a fuel fund raiser before long! Not yet!
The odds are the sun has to come out soon, really. Get up here and enjoy all this snow.
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

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