Bus tickets are there by clicking the bus. It is going to be nice this weekend.
See the sun really did come out this past weekend. Those are shadows, real shadows in the picture. If a child sees their shadow does it mean six more weeks of winter? Because we have been living Ground Hog Day for weeks. Get up, move snow, go to bed, repeat.
Mostly sunny, Well that's what "they" are saying. I still think the unpaid interns that were running the weather predictions when the government shut down, are still calling the shots. Close, but not quite right. Sun would be good. We are bit behind because of it going south for the winter.
Going to try again for Friday afternoon opening at 1 PM. Only got a couple dozen takers this last week. Instructor training, PSIA, AASI or if you just need more practice time skiing and riding so you can keep up with your kids, stop by. It is as low key as it gets. We turn on Sky Ridge and you figure out what to do.
It is really sunny, so I think its time to clean the lodge.
See you all this weekend with sunscreen on.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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