What is going on this weekend.
Please remember buses are done. Everyone needs to drive up.
Lifts start at 9. No lessons. Go ski. Go snowboard. Go check out a race course and the terrain park. There will be over the top lunch specials. This is when kids become skiers because they are having fun! Lifts close at 4 PM. Sky Tavern will still need help as usual. Friends and family tickets are $40 for adults and $15 for kids.
Sunday. Lifts open at 9 AM. Same deal of no lessons. Go ski and board. No charge for any friends and family guests. The alumni and donors have been invited up also. All can show up in the morning when the skiing is great if they want. Sky is trying to reconnect with those alumni and there is a meet and great event on the deck after skiing at 4PM. That is what the RSVP is about. You don't have to wait until the afternoon to ski. Come up in the morning. As a 2019 member, this place is yours! (Admittedly this entire day is all about trying to reconnect with the past alumni, donors and supporters. Sky Tavern needs to raise $2.5 million in the coming years to improve the area with snow making and lights.)
If you are not a 2019 member please check in at the front desk for tickets.
Both days the grooming had best be perfect. Piston Bully is loaning us two new snowcats for the weekend. Jim and Mike are bouncing like 15 month olds stuck in a crib waiting to try them. Pictures of grins to follow.
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Venerdì, Aprile 12, 2019

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