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If you haven't taken the year end survey yet, please do. Come on, it is our report card! Five minutes is all it takes.
Click here for the survey or copy and paste please.
Saturday May 4th. The last chance to ski Sky Tavern until next season starts up. I got talked into letting the entire Truckee Meadows come up and to make it into a bit of a fund raiser for SkyKids. CJ wants things for short kids to ski around that move. Bring your light sabers. Bring your friends.
Free for you 2019 members
Free for ANY ski area employees. They deserve a day without shoveling too.
$20 adult, $10 kid tickets for anyone else.
If your neighbors join for 2020 they are free as well. Tell them.
Summer Camps at Sky Tavern.
Lots of info on the website about summer camps. I was worried the place would still be under snow, but it is melting fast so camps will be happening. We are partnering with Project Discovery, the ropes course here. Summer camps sell out. Go check it out.
Lost and Found.
The "moms" say that if you don't come claim your belongings Saturday, you get to buy it back from Sky Tavern at Sky Swap next fall. Fair warning! No, they will not go look through 14 bags for you, but will lay it out in the back room this one last day.
Sky Tavern Gear Return Semi Truck Schedule
MAY 7th 4 PM to 7 PM O'Brien Middle School
MAY 8th 4 PM to 7 PM Reed High School
May 9th 4 PM to 7 PM Galena High School
The easy way to return your rented ski gear from Sky Tavern. Please, return the gear with all the names and stickers removed. If you don't you get to sort lost and found, both rooms of it!
Its a big truck. You can't miss it.
I will write the goodbyes next time.
Get your 2020 season pass now for the lowest price 775 323 5125 NOAA WEATHER

Thursday, May 2, 2019

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