An invitation from Sky Tavern to all past and present Certified Snowsports Instructors and returning Instructors, ski and board. This also an invitation to SkyKid parents whose kids are aging out of SkyKids, race and freestyle coaches and just as important to be heard, yes Junior Instructors.
Wednesday, Nov. 6
6 PM at the California Building in Idlewild Park
Time to get back together
(75 Cowan dr. Reno)
This is not going to be a night of lectures on the perfect turn!
Instructing is the heart and sole of what Sky Tavern is. I am asking all above to start the 2020 Sky Tavern season by coming by the California Building and becoming the greatest teaching group in snowsports again. This is a night to get back together, do some team building, figure out some rights and wrongs and add fun.
We are bringing food, entertainment and some questions on how we can be even better, add more instructors to the ranks and have more fun doing it for kids. If you taught last season or during any past season, please attend. Spread the word to those we may have lost contact with if you can. Open arms gang! 2020 starts now!
To plan for food please RSVP at Eventbrite here
Teri and Lythia feed everyone for free, but need a count!
This week I had to explain/justify Sky Tavern to some out of town industry types. They didn't get it, didn't understand that this works. Sky Tavern might be a throwback to a business model from a generation or two ago, but it does work. And maybe because of that commitment we all make, we do it better than any other snowsports school nationwide. Kids leave here better skiers and riders and that is thanks to you. Never forget the impact you make.
I am very much looking forward to 2020! There are some huge things finally coming to the table after years of efforts.
Orientation Schedule subject to change:All at the California Building 6 pm
November 13th SkyKid parent's night
November 20th 1st New member Orientation
November 27th No orientation because you need to go to Grandma's
December 4th New Instructors first training
December 11th 2nd New Member Orientation
Friday, November 1st


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