We Urgently Need Your Help!

We Urgently Need Your Help!

  • Friday, 15th November, 2019
  • 10:52am
Please send an email to the Reno City Council
We have been negotiating a new lease for months with the City of Reno and the approval of that lease will soon be in front of the Reno City Council.
We are asking you to send a short email to the city council members, expressing your support of the Jr. Ski Program and for the new lease.
We are embarking on a capital campaign to raise funds to put in snow making and lights. These two improvements will allow us to ensure a consistent ski season for the Jr. Ski Program and offer a training facility for our high school ski teams and other community teams.
However, in order to raise the funds necessary for their improvements (around $2 million) we need a longer lease with the City of Reno. 
They City has been great to work with, and the staff is recommending that the council support the new 30-year lease, but since we are dealing with elected officials, we know it’s important that they hear from their constituents. 
Please take a few minutes to send an email to City Council members so that they know that there is support for our efforts.
Below are the emails for the City Council members and some talking points.
Here are some Talking Points you can use, but please tell your own story about you or your kids!
Talking Points: (You can copy and paste the ones that you want to use)
I’m writing to ask you to vote to approve the new lease with Sky Tavern that is on the City Council’s agenda in December.
The City of Reno has been a great partner with Sky Tavern for over 70 years, and we look forward to continuing this strong partnership for another 70!
Few cities can boast that they have a City Park with a ski hill (and a hiking and biking area!) and Sky Tavern has brought great pride to our community for 70 years.
Several Olympians learned to ski at Sky Tavern, like David Wise, Tamara McKinney and Lane Spina, and they have gone on to bring us great pride.
Many Para-Olympians learned to ski at Sky Tavern’s Adaptive Ski Program.  Each year you will find dozens of physically and mentally challenged skiers and their families enjoying a fun day at Sky Tavern.
A national major donor praises the Sky Tavern Board and staff, saying that they run one of the best "Learn To Ski" programs in the country!
The Jr. Ski Program at Sky Tavern has positively impacted over 100,000 kids in our community for the last 70 years. 
This longer-term lease is critical to ensure the Sky Tavern Board has the ability to raise money needed to put in snow making and lights, along with other investments and improvements. These improvements will ensure a consistent ski season for thousands of young skiers and their families each year. 
Having lights will open up the hill to allow local high school ski teams to train after school. Many local resorts are turning away high school (and even UNR’s) ski teams, so having consistent snow and night skiing will benefit our local athletes.
The Jr. Ski Program at Sky Tavern has allowed thousands of low-income kids to learn how to ski. Not only is the ski training program the most affordable in the Sierra, there are scholarships available for economically disadvantaged families.
The Jr. Ski Program at Sky Tavern has played a critical role in creating new skiers that then support our local ski economy.          
The Jr. Ski Program at Sky Tavern is a great program that introduces kids and families to skiing, encouraging wintertime fun and activities for all.  
For ease of sending emails, you can just copy and paste the emails below in your “To” line:  
Please BCC us at
Or , here are the individual emails of the City Council members:
Hillary Schieve -
Jenny Brekhus -
Devon Reese-
Naomi Duerr -
Neoma Jardon –
Oscar Delgado -
Bonnie Weber -
Thank you for your support of Sky Tavern!
Oh, and mark your calendar for our Ski Swap - Nov. 22 & 23!
Sky Tavern
<< Geri

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