New Member Orientation November 20th. 7 PM California Building, Idlewild Park.
Old Sports Authority Building by Sams Club
4813 Kietzke Ln Reno, NV 89505
Drop off gear to sell Thursday-Friday- Sales Friday 5-9 Saturday 9-3
We do all of this, Ski Swap and other events, so we can keep doing what is going on in this picture. Sky Tavern has been teaching kids snowsports for over 70 years and we are going to do it for another 70.
This is a busy week. One of the busiest until we open each season. Ski Swap is a bunch of fun and a bunch of work. Add in new member orientation and asking you to write a letter to your City Council person and I'm worn out on Tuesday.
#1. New member orientation night. California Building at 7pm in Idlewild Park. 75 Cowan dr on Wednesday evening,If you have not done Sky Tavern before or since you were a youngster, then it is good to stop by. Bus parents are excused from showing up and SkyKids are done with their orientation. This is a time of "how we do it". If you signed up as a Support Member, Instructor or any other adult coming to Sky during the season, this is a night to go over the what is in store. You now run a ski area and just tossing you to the snowmen never ends well. First time Sky Tavern parents please come to an orientation meeting. This is not the last one, so no panicking about the timing. We have more dates coming up.
#2. Thursday evening at the Ski Swap building will be orientation for Race Team. 4 Pm. If you are on the fence about your ripper joining Race Team, come on down. The Austrians wanted to know how the Americans could possible bet them. They figured out it was because we take an individual sport and make it a team sport. Sky Tavern is the development of that. Kids need to be upper level skiers or willing to try out and be coached. Extra fees apply but worth every cent.
#3. Ski Swap is the largest fund-raiser of the year for Sky Tavern. Fees paid by Mom and Dad only cover 60% of what it takes to run the mountain, so events are a big help in closing that gap. It also takes a bunch of people to make this happen. We need help Thursday and more on Friday through up a borrowed building, helping folks tag gear and running a ski shop we build for a weekend. Just stop in, please and lend a hand. You will get a new shirt for it. Just like any event, clean up is the hardest time to find help.
#4. Yes we are going up for a 30 year lease before the City Council. The City of Reno owns Sky Tavern but the 501c3, Sky Tavern has controlled and maintained the area for years. We need a longer lease so we can raise money to put in snowmaking and other needed improvements. For years we have just gone to the City and asked for another five years. They stamp the forms and kids have fun. Now we have a big project in mind that takes big money and we need big help.
The term is generational. Sky Tavern needs improvements that will be here long after a plaque about me is shoved in a drawer. To get those we need security Junior Ski is here to stay. Please write your City of Reno Councilperson that this matters. It does. They know it, but it is good to remind them. The lease will go to Council in early December. Thank you.
Hillary Schieve -
Jenny Brekhus -
Devon Reese-
Naomi Duerr -
Neoma Jardon –
Oscar Delgado -
Bonnie Weber -
#5. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. Changes happen and all are not good. Hug them all when you can, eat too much and tell the same story as last year to the nephews and grandchildren. They do love you for it. We are going to go a bit quite during the holiday and pick this all back up in December.
I will see you some time this week.
Pass this on please!
New Gear- Used Gear- Food Trucks -Bounce House-Pictures with Santa! Winter clothing. This is Reno. Everyone needs a coat. Tell your friends and Family to come shop!
Your holiday shopping dollar will go a long way at the Sky Tavern Ski Swap and you will be helping get local kids on the snow. This is the largest fund-raiser of the year for the nonprofit. You can feel good about where your money is going. You can see it right out there on the snow at Sky Tavern! Got gear cluttering your closet? Bring it down Thursday or Friday, tag it and sell it.
Your Shopping Helps Get Kids On Snow!
New and used skis, snowboards, boots and everything else you need to have fun this winter can be found here. Winter is coming. Friday night food trucks are stopping by. We have a bounce house and games to keep kids busy while you shop and Santa is stopping by that night just to check on the kids!
Friday sales 5-9 pm
Saturday 9-3 or maybe later
Sky Tavern is also looking to invite craft show holiday vendors to make this a great event.
Every dollar spent helps keep Sky Tavern open and affordable.
Thursday, Nov 21st from 10am to 7pm and Friday Nov. 22nd from noon to 7pm. Individual sellers can bring in gear to sell. Sky Tavern becomes a consignment store for winter goods. This is where the term ski swap comes from. You really don't swap stuff. You put it in the sale and hope it sells while you are buying. We have a tag system to track it all. It works.
Sky Tavern retains 18% of the sales prices as our fund raiser.
Friday 5pm. Doors open for sales. Food trucks set up in our parking lot.
Saturday 9am. Sales until 3 or maybe later.
Sunday 10-2 is clean-up and giving individuals back anything that did not sell or their checks for what did!
Tell everyone, skiers or not, about the sale. Living in Reno means a cold winter. There will be something for everyone from coats to knitted hats. Skis, snowboards, boots and more. 

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