We have made it to the next stage in Nevada. I hope all is well at your house as it is at ours.I need to say I am very optimistic about the future. Keep in mind we are all descendants from someone that went through a similar time a hundred years ago.
Because we will have a season in 2021 we need to get all the gear back to Sky Tavern. None of it is going to fit the kids next year and we spend the summer getting it back in shape. I am going to send the bus to town to try to make it easier for you to return.
Wednesday May 13th 1 PM to 6 PM at Reed High School
Thursday May 14, 1 PM to 6 PM at Galena High School
We may add more spots next week if needed and we have the manpower.
If you haven't been around to do this before, we take the bus, set up some tables and you can return Sky Tavern's rental gear there as opposed to driving to the hill. This is just for gear that came from Sky Tavern last fall.
Please remove all stickers and from skis and boards
Buckle the boots up
Zip tie the poles in pairs and boots together ( We bring zip ties)
And for this year lets take turns and do one family at a time. Please wait your turn. We have time.
The trails are almost melted out at Sky Tavern and around the area. A few riders have pedaled their way through the snow in the back trail to drier ground. I think give it a little more time. I can't get a snowcat up there to save you any longer!
The lodge is closed for the foreseeable future with some clean-up and painting work going on. Summer events look doubtful, but we will just wait and see.
Right now get outside and up that intake of sunshine. The big field is dry and there might be something to catch in the pond. Bring your dog. Hike the 4 Hill and find that now useless iphone someone lost. The little kid's pump track is open.Go outside!
See you soon,
P.S. We are still working on replacing Rocco with a carpet lift. A few more hurdles than three months ago. More later about this.
These were taken on Monday before it started snowing. It is Nevada.
The base area is dry to about the top of Pony then becomes very soggy. Bring a towel for the dog to sit on for the ride home. Rover will be muddy.
Stay safe, stay healthy. Skiing is about a social distance sport as can be. Plus you are wearing gloves, googles and a face mask. We will be back for 2021 since this one needs to be in SkyKids

Вторник, Май 12, 2020

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