I have been way too quiet lately. I apologize for that but there are some pretty cool reasons. A little busy. And thanks to those that have already signed up. I love believers! I promise to do my part.







Go check out the new skytavern.org that Robert just finished and get signed up. Lots of pictures.

Summer pricing is still in effect for a few more weeks then the increases start. We might also be put in a position of limiting members. Fair warning!


Yes, Sky Tavern is going to look different this year, just like the rest of the world. But getting outside is good and this place does good. Our operation plan is forming up with help from the National Ski Area Association. There will be skiing here and everywhere.


Operations Plan to date: here


I have spent hours in classes about how to open but there is a member that has one more great idea. Get it to us, please.




This is the new Rocco lift and it will be installed in a few weeks. A little grading and a couple of towers relocated, to the boneyard, and we will have the first new lift since the rope tow went away in 2005. We will be putting out a cry for help for assembly. There are more than a few pieces to this think adult Legos, but Team Service is sending an experienced guy to lead us through it all. He was here Sunday and he was ready to come back in a few weeks. He says it will work.


The new Rocco does not unload in the same spot as the old but downhill at just where the hill starts to steepen. I moved it here for a few reasons. First was the amount of dirt we would have to move to get a smooth even pitch was overwhelming. Fourteen feet of fill is a lot of dirt.


Second was we needed to have a much larger base area. Levels 1 & 2, SkyKids, and adult beginner lessons are a bunch of bodies in a small area. We just doubled the size may be more than doubled.


Third was Mack has widened the Chicken Chute a bunch. Between that and the chairlift bars, kids can ride the chairlift and use the backtrail sooner. It will work, but change always brings doubt. It was my call so point discussions here.


And so this is how Reno works. When it looked like this was going to happen and the lift was actually on its way here, Race Coach and former Chairman Chris Bender decided we needed a second carpet lift to replace the handle tow. Because of one of his friends and a little persuading, a second carpet is on its way from Italy. If it gets here before too much snow, we will have a pair to open with this season. This one starts and ends were the handle tow does. No more SkyKids Moms and Dads towing kids up the hill with a ski pole, just a moving sidewalk. (Summer of 2021. Handle tow moves to the terrain park on crane towers so it can be raised and lowered because of snow depth back there. If we call the carpet lifts Legos, then this idea is a Meccano Erector Set.)



But there is more, with a new bike trail almost ready. Not firmed up yet so please stay off, but it is way cool. It was built wide enough for adaptive mountain bikes and we have a plan. It is over by America.



Gear rental can start pretty soon. The gear is getting tuned and tested plus Sky Tavern received a sizable donation of new skis and boards. We even got a few sets of little kid's snowboard bindings. The only thing more elusive than tiny bindings is a Yeti and we have one, but only one. Winter and Sky Tavern are on the way. Get signed up.


Sky Tavern Ski Swap is NOVEMBER 20-21 in the building that is the Spirt Store by Sams Club right now. Lots of room to spread out in there.


Sky Tavern | 323 5125 | 21130 Mt Rose Hwy| skytavern.org

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I said this before but the bars are ready for business at Sky Tavern!


Thanks to the Mom at the William H. Moffat Jr. Foundation one chairlift installation is finished. Thank You!


We used them once for the FOREVER 14 fundraiser a few weeks back. No issues, they work!

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