Sky Tavern member notice
Dec. 30
Come help build Webster
Usually, I would try to write something fun about the end of the year. Lots of material this year but this is an ask for help. A great many of you have said you would help bolt the new kid's lift together when we found it. It was delivered Tuesday, we set the motor in place Wednesday so now it is ready for moms and dads to bolt together. Think of it as a 300 ft erector set. It is silly easy, but still a lot of work that needs a lot of hands. Sky Tavern needs to get this together before the big snow hits. We are not going to let it sit. Kids need to ride it.
Starting at 9 am
Please come help, and spread the word.
A picture of where we are at by 5 PM Wednesday
What we are building is in the background.
These two lifts are going to change a huge amount of how we teach Sky Tavern.

Torsdag, Desember 31, 2020

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