Dec. 11 Tuesday Night at 7 PM
California Building in Idlwild Park
Time to get the SkyKid parents and SkyKid instructors together so we start on the same page for these little guys. This is really important parent night if you are involved with SkyKids. Parents are the staff here even more and it is vital to learn what is being taught, how to teach it and how kids progress. Not knowing the moves and procedures makes everyone's day harder and there is no pouting in SkyKids! This is a fun group. They have their own Bumble for crying out loud.
Since Reno was an ice skating rink the last time we tried to hold a class for the rest of the instructors last Tuesday night, and even I crashed into a curb, we are giving it another go Tuesday the 18th. Just a heads up.

Monday, December 10, 2018

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