Week 1 Lost and Found. Buy the Bus Tickets

Lost and Found for Week 1. There is more stuff in the closet too.   Bus Parents! By Wednesday night click the bus picture to purchase bus tickets for this coming weekend. This is important. It is how we know how many buses to ... Les mer »

29de Jan 2019
Opening this weekend Jan 26-27

The answer to the big question is that if you have a bus kid, take them to the bus location even if you didn't get the word to buy a ticket. We added buses just in case that happened. Their names will be written down and we will contact you next week.    Its going to be good this weekend even if Constant Contact thinks only half of ... Les mer »

25de Jan 2019
Members Free Ski Day Jan 20 - Weather Holds Possible

Lots of Dads brought shovels. Some were bigger. The buses in the backyard had 4, 5, 6 feet of snow around them. Not any more. We can get to the skis again. Amazing!   Thank you to all the helpers Saturday. You did it. You got this place dug out and set up. Tables are back where ... Les mer »

20de Jan 2019
If you come and dig out you can ski

The plan changed, but still bring a shovel. Still no lessons. Because we are closer to being able to open than I thought we would be and because this snow needs to be skied for several reasons, we will turn on the Sky Ridge Chairlift Saturday. It will be a later start. Patrol has to ... Les mer »

18de Jan 2019
This is just for the Bus Parents

Sky Tavern will be opening for sure this season. The first weekend for kid's lessons has been delayed because of this huge winter storm. (See the other email about that.) I really don't think the road will be in shape for buses soon, but lots of snow on the slopes! Watch emails and ... Les mer »

17de Jan 2019
Opening delayed due to storm

So close. Sky Tavern almost got to open on time, but because of Winter Storm Harper lingering on, the start of lessons will be delayed until 1/26-27. Yes, I know it will be a blue sunshine weekend if the Sierras stay true to form, but after all this snow we will need to dig out and ... Les mer »

17de Jan 2019
Open Jan 12-13 for Support Parent & Instructor weekend

Sky Tavern will be opening on time this season. The first weekend for kid's lessons will be January 19-20.   This Weekend is for all the Adults   Sky Tavern is a CO-OP. It is all run by you, the parents. You are the staff from the parking lot to the instructors. This ... Les mer »

10de Jan 2019
The Last Week to get These Prices

Prices go up at the end of this week. Don't let your kids miss out on the 2019 Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program Season.   This is the year they learn to ski or snowboard for a lifetime!   Children (age ... Les mer »

6de Jan 2019
Go for Dryland at Sky Tavern Saturday.

  GO for Dryland Training at Sky Tavern Saturday January 5th Start time for all registered kids that have never skied or snowboarded is 10 AM but arrive earlier please. Enter the parking lot through the second entrance by Top of the Mountain Sports. Bring the kid's gear. They will be ... Les mer »

5de Jan 2019
Dryland training for kids that have never been on skis or snowboards

  HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY NEW SNOW   The tree has been taken down, a few of the snowman figurines have been packed away and the sledders, the picnickers, the people plugging four home appliances into the outlet for the snowcats who then dump dirty diapers in the parking lot have ... Les mer »

4de Jan 2019