Website is back up for the Bus Reminder

Back to more snow this week. Strange problem to have this season, that of too much snowy weather. Every year is different.   Sorry. The electrons of decided to go on strike. It is all good and back up running, including the bus ticket page. Get those ... Espandi »

26º Feb 2019
Plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Week 4 for Saturday Week 3 for Sunday Week 1 for Instructor Clinics this Friday at 1 PM on the Sky Ridge chair   Since the beginning of Sky Tavern, teaching was always a big part of what went on. To have great skiers and riders, we need great instructors and we are creating the ... Espandi »

21º Feb 2019
A Big Thanks, Lost Skis and Bus Reminder

Sky Tavern doing its best Squaw Valley imitation, being totally tracked out after a powder weekend!   Once again THANK YOU to anyone that came up and helped shovel out Saturday. It was amazing and frankly the only way Sky was going to get open.   A reminder to get ... Espandi »

19º Feb 2019
Open for Sunday 2/27 Go!

Sky Tavern has been dug out by members and is OPEN. GO for Sunday and Monday.   Easily a 1000 man hours of painful shoveling today and Sky Tavern is good to go. Thank you all that made the trip up and asked what you could do. It proves this volunteer ski area thing still ... Espandi »

17º Feb 2019
Saturday No Buses. No lessons. Come help dig.

  Friday Feb. 15 at 5 PM 5+ feet of snow since Tuesday. Half was goo, half was perfect powder.  For Saturday, Feb 16. No buses. Closed for lessons. Sky needs members to help to get open. You are the staff. 10 AM start. That CO-OP part of being a member of Sky Tavern is helping. We will open the lifts as we can, to give back to you ... Espandi »

15º Feb 2019
Lost and Found, Again

Lost and Found is adding less each week, but I am sure all those skis are Sky Tavern rentals. Lectures to follow. Not much other stuff, but what was left is in the back room.   Until we actually open on a Sunday, those Sunday ... Espandi »

13º Feb 2019
Closed Sunday Feb 10th

Saturday Night 10 PM Feb 9th Snowing like crazy and now the road is closed. Does this say anything about how I spend my Saturday evenings? Sky Tavern is closed for Sunday Feb. 10th. And with that I am the most hated person in the Truckee Meadows. Keep in mind there is a bunch of snow up there. We will ski it. Weather is out ... Espandi »

10º Feb 2019
Buses are cancelled for Sunday Feb.10th check back in the morning for future updates

Saturday Night 6 PM Feb 9th Snowing like crazy Buses are cancelled for Sunday Feb 10th Check back in the morning to see if Sky Tavern can open at all on Sunday. A Different Winter for 2019. 775 323 5125

9º Feb 2019
GO for Saturday Feb.9

Week 3 for Saturday 5:15 AM GO GO GO 2 inches of new snow last night. No wind, light snow and stars. You have to love the weather in Nevada. Road controls from Raleys. The snow is Utah light powder. I followed a snowplow up the hill and got lost in the fog of snow. It is cold. 19 degrees now and the wind is suppose to come ... Espandi »

9º Feb 2019
Week 3 for Saturday Week 2 for Sunday

Week 3 for Saturday Week 2 for Sunday Let's Ski and Board with maybe a foot of new snow coming this weekend. Watch for an email at 6 AM if things turn nasty.   Tourists build the saddest Snowmen!   Feb 9-10. Sky Tavern should get about another foot ... Espandi »

8º Feb 2019