Anyone remember these clear Sierra days? They are coming back for the weekend. But we have a little more snow than the last time the sun was really shining.   Yes for opening Friday 1-4. We will see who shows up. A couple of CSIs have said they will come to train instructors ... Read More »

15th Mar 2019
Buses, Buses and Buses

  Bus tickets are there by clicking the bus. It is going to be nice this weekend.   See the sun really did come out this past weekend. Those are shadows, real shadows in the picture. If a child sees their shadow does it mean six more weeks of winter? Because we have been living ... Read More »

13th Mar 2019
Sunday Go! And don't be late.

March 10th If you are sitting in your kitchen at 7:30 AM sipping coffee and reading emails on your phone thinking you have lots of time to get to Sky Tavern, bad news.   Daylight Savings Time. Spring Forward It's now 8:30 and the bell rings in 15 minutes. GO! Get up here. We saw the Sun on ... Read More »

9th Mar 2019
Friday Afternoon, Saturday & Sunday GO

Plowing the lot again. I've gone whole seasons when we never cleared the lot more than twice. This is a good problem to have. Tonka Trucks do get you somewhere later in life.   Week 6 for Saturday and 5 for Sunday. GO as of 4 PM Thursday. Watch your emails for any changes. It is ... Read More »

7th Mar 2019
The bus is coming and it is going to clear up

The sun came out, on Monday of course. Weather people are saying drier after Thursday. Really?   Bus tickets time if you have not already, since I got wrapped up in future planning stuff and forgot to do this email.   If Friday does look good, we will open again after lunch ... Read More »

5th Mar 2019
Sat was good, so do it again. Sunday GO

5:30 Pm update. It is winter, so come ski. Frank says that in this snow you can do no wrong. Four inches of new stuff, stir with wind, add in cold and the snow went from mud to magic. GO Sunday. Ski - Ride- Believe Same Big message. No skiing or riding alone. Ski with a buddy. Wait for your buddy. Keep up with your buddy!Talk to your ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2019
Groomers have been out all Night. GO

5 AM update. A couple of inches fell over night and it is now snowing lightly straight down with no wind. The road has two inches of snow on it, more at Galena Park than up here at 4:30.   It's winter, so come ski.   By the looks of their trucks, I would say Jim and Mike have been out all night. Many more handshakes, hugs and ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2019
So far, we're going to give it a GO!

Week 5 for Saturday and 4 for Sunday. G O as of 4 PM Friday. Watch your email in the morning for any changes.   It snowed and it is going to snow more. The only reason we can even think about opening is because Marty and Mack have moved thousands of tons of snow and battled the ... Read More »

1st Mar 2019
Website is back up for the Bus Reminder

Back to more snow this week. Strange problem to have this season, that of too much snowy weather. Every year is different.   Sorry. The electrons of skytavern.org decided to go on strike. It is all good and back up running, including the bus ticket page. Get those ... Read More »

26th Feb 2019
Plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Week 4 for Saturday Week 3 for Sunday Week 1 for Instructor Clinics this Friday at 1 PM on the Sky Ridge chair   Since the beginning of Sky Tavern, teaching was always a big part of what went on. To have great skiers and riders, we need great instructors and we are creating the ... Read More »

21st Feb 2019