The answer to the big question is that if you have a bus kid, take them to the bus location even if you didn't get the word to buy a ticket. We added buses just in case that happened. Their names will be written down and we will contact you next week. 
Its going to be good this weekend even if Constant Contact thinks only half of you like me. LOL.
We made it through receiving 5 feet or so of snow. Parents stepped up and dug Sky Tavern out in record time. It was amazing. Saturday was good skiing, Sunday was winter. It snowed all day but CJ, Director of SkyKids, never came in. Guess he is getting his skiing in now. 
Thanks everyone. We did get another foot of snow Sunday. Buses are not buried, but not a clear as you left them. The deck either. Sorry.
Let's get on with it. This weekend looks like an unforgettable opening. We have lots of snow, lots of sunshine and lots of kids. Time to do it. Get to Sky early. Before 8 AM. Opening weekend is always rough and all of Reno is heading to the mountains this weekend. Traffic will be packed. Our goal is to not be the group that stops the highway, please!
Bus Parents. The Wooster bus stop has been moved to Roger Corbett Elementary. It is on Villanova Dr. on the north side of Wooster baseball fields. That parking lot doesn't have a fence around it and is easier to get to for buses. It is next door to Wooster. 1901 Villanova Dr. 89502.
If you didn't purchase tickets for this week, we did order extra buses. Put the kids on the bus. Don't drive up to drop them off. Bus kids ride buses please. You will be getting a call next week for payment for the $13. Next week please buy the tickets for the location and day before Wednesday.
Link below for tickets in the future.
Lots of families signed up since December and those passes are at the lodge. You can either come up Wednesday through Friday or get them the first day. The line will be long and some late registrations will not be finished. You will get a one day pass to get to class or lifts.
Rental gear. We still have some. Boots are in a container at one end of the parking lot and skis in buses at the other. Trying to get someone outfitted while opening is going to be tough but the Dads in the tune room will try. 
If a kid is age 6 or older, Sky Tavern teaches skiing with ski poles. Make sure your child has ski poles please. If your kid is snowboarding please make certain they have a leash, that strap between the board and boot or leg. Everyone skis or rides with a helmet, everyone!
Please read the FAQs all the way through. 
99% of the answers are there.
Saturday's Support Member Job List Here
Sunday's Support Member Job List Here
Otherwise go to the front desk please.
Email other questions please. The phones are a mess.
Saturday morning we start a great season!
Bill 775 323 5125

Friday, January 25, 2019

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