Week 2 Coming up with a return to Winter!
Week 1 was amazing!
Week 1 was one of the best opening weekends in memory. Most everything worked and now it just gets better. Thanks for making it happen.
For Week 2 it looks like winter is back. We are expecting snow all weekend, so watch those emails and the front page of skytavern.org for the GO/NO-GO message. As of right now it is GO. Skiing is a winter sport and winter is why you got all those really good looking clothes.
If you are brand new to the Program this week, and many are, please take a break from the kids and read the past emails leading up to opening. All the procedures, common questions and the lay of the land is laid out in those emails. All the emails are added to this page in case the dog ate yours.
Parents, if you don't know where to help, go to the front desk. Help was needed cleaning the lodge at the end of the day and on the lifts. And we always need more instructors!
Watch for the call on opening each morning. I get there at 5 AM and ask the world for a sign on what to do. I have been wrong on the call, Go when you couldn't stand up against the wind and NO/GO on bluebird days. If you complain, you get the job. How I got here. HA HA! Also if Saturday is cancelled that doesn't mean Sunday is and visa-versa. Watch for the notifications. Each day stands alone for decisions on opening.
Thanks, Hope to see you soon.
info@skytavern.com 775 323 5125

Friday, February 1, 2019

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