Week 3 for Saturday
Week 2 for Sunday
Let's Ski and Board with maybe a foot of new snow coming this weekend.
Watch for an email at 6 AM if things turn nasty.
Tourists build the saddest Snowmen!
Feb 9-10. Sky Tavern should get about another foot of snow through the next few days. Not enough to stop our kids from having a great weekend. Get up here. Unless it is really blowing, it is GO! If it is blowing hard, I will send out an email at 6 AM.
On Friday the road is dry for most of the way, then snow packed. You might need that truck or chains on the minivan. Look at 511 for answers.
This weekend we have members of the US Skier Cross Teamstopping by to ski with the kids. They have just returned from the World Cup Race in Utah and some will soon be on their way to Russia to compete next. This includes Thomas Hayward, that started skiing and racing here at Sky Tavern. Told you we turned out great skiers! Go ahead and try to keep up. We also have demos from Dynastar Skis on Saturday. Try out the new cool stuff. Its free.
Presidents Weekend The biggest weekend for the ski community.
The plan for Presidents Weekend. Feb 16-18.
You have been here as skiers for a few weeks by next weekend. You parents have run a ski area for kids. Party Time starting Sunday night and going through Monday.
Saturday and Sunday is normal classes and programs. A few additions will be tossed in for the afternoon.
Sunday night is Volunteer Appreciation dinner followed by a torchlight parade and other celebrations of winter. Anyone got a free band? More details this weekend.
Skiing is a gift given by family and friends.
Monday the 18th is your day to show this place off to your friends. You make this happen, by now you have told your friends how cool it is and now it is time to drag them up here. Time for you to share Sky Tavern with a Friends and Family Day. Open ski day, no lessons, no buses. Guests are invited by you, the 2019 members. Bring neighbors, grandparents, co-workers. We still need help running and feeding, but it is a fun time.
Presidents Day Guest Passes are
$40 for Adults and $10 for kids.
Rentals will add $20.
It is a free day for 2019 members.
For lack of a better name:
This starts as an old joke. The Austrian race coach asks the parent of the 5 year old when he started skiing. Dad's answer is at 4. The coach replies "It is sad he started so late. He might have been great if he got an earlier start."
Sky Tavern is a community ski training area and it seems like a new group has shown up. There is maybe a half a dozen Moms and Dads with kids that just started walking and with older kids in the program, that want to teach the little guys to ski. SkyKids start at 4, so these are pre-SkyKids kids. I asked our Board lawyer and after he got done staring at me blindly, he shrugged and said why not, business decision.
Got a SkyBaby? Here are the rules so far, subject to change.
  • Mom, Dad, Grandparent, that is going to be teaching the next Mikaela Shiffrin, must be a current Sky Tavern member with other kids in the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.
  • The kids are 1-3 years old. If older, they are signed up in other programs such as SkyKids or STJSP.
  • A new release must be signed at the front desk with the SkyBaby's name on it.
  • Can be on surface lifts only!
  • Can only go out on the snow to ski in the afternoons after classes. We don't want SkyBabies and everyone else competing for hill space. SkyKids and other classes have first rights of homesteading the snow.
  • The proper methods of teaching as outlined by Sky Tavern is used. Read that as there might be some homework for Mom or Dad. Handbook to follow?
  • Fees TBD.
This is an experiment and might get changed around or forgotten. This is not a baby sitting club and not really a program. It is not meant to take the place of SkyKids, so this is not an open invitation to grab a 4 year old and teach them them as opposed to joining SkyKids. This is because kids have little brothers and sisters that want to ski. Have you seen my granddaughter Stella, or any other of the 2 year olds making snow angels? No, they are the next generation of rippers and want to ski. Lets make that Austrian coach take interest is what we are doing.
Someone run with this and control it please. Please don't abuse it.
Thanks, Winter is here.
Look here for past emails and hints on surviving Sky Tavern with your kids!
info@skytavern.com 775 323 5125

Friday, February 8, 2019

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