Friday Feb. 15 at 5 PM

5+ feet of snow since Tuesday. Half was goo, half was perfect powder. 

For Saturday, Feb 16. No buses. Closed for lessons.

Sky needs members to help to get open. You are the staff. 10 AM start. That CO-OP part of being a member of Sky Tavern is helping. We will open the lifts as we can, to give back to you with free ski time. We need all the OPS people, all the Patrol and all employees please. We need to find stuff like the rental gear buses and then dig down to them. Still need to run a kitchen and a lodge so we need that group too, pretty please! Yes it is a powder day but you have to earn your lift time first please.

In 2017 Sky Tavern got the most snow it has every seen. We are gaining on that record. The mountain staff guys, the office Moms and even worn out me, have been doing double duties all week to get open. The parking lot has been plowed seven times since Tuesday. Why I forgot to change the phone message and this is a very poorly done email.

No call on what happens Sunday yet, but the dinner is most likely going to be put off until a nicer weekend. Monday is still planned Bring a Friend Day.

Come up and help please. The highway was to open at 5 PM tonight but look before you head up.

Bill 775 323 5125

Friday, February 15, 2019

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