Sky Tavern has been dug out by members and is OPEN. GO for Sunday and Monday.
Easily a 1000 man hours of painful shoveling today and Sky Tavern is good to go. Thank you all that made the trip up and asked what you could do. It proves this volunteer ski area thing still works.
We are open for full program on Sunday the 17th, buses, lessons and all that stuff we do. There is lots of snow and lots of fun and maybe a little more shoveling. Warning to Moms. It is going to be cold all day. The same for Bring a Friend Day on Monday. Sunday is snowy and cold, Monday will be clear and cold. My take anyway.
Sunday's dinner has been postponed to a nicer weekend. And remember there are no buses on Monday, but you can bring your friends to show off Sky Tavern.
Come on up! It is winter. It is beautiful, but watch the road.
Bill 775 323 5125 NOAA WEATHER

Sunday, February 17, 2019

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