Week 5 for Saturday and 4 for Sunday. G O as of 4 PM Friday. Watch your email in the morning for any changes.
It snowed and it is going to snow more. The only reason we can even think about opening is because Marty and Mack have moved thousands of tons of snow and battled the winter. Hugs help! Better would be air miles to Hawaii when this is over. Those two deserve it.
Its is all about the weather again. The wind is going to stop at 5 AM and it is going to snow 5 inches during Saturday and less Sunday. Hey, this is a winter sport and since out of 240+cars in the parking lot, only 18 were not 4 Wheel drive, let's GO. You guys are tough. The day with the most skiers here this season was during weather with more winter than this. So far t
We have been playing catch up all week and not getting ahead. Rocco is still dead on one side but most kids will be on the chairlift this weekend. having extra parents ride with the new kids is good.
We need instructors. Kids are showing up and instructors are not. Please, please, please. Teaching is what we do and we had lots of help Week 1.
Big message. No skiing or riding alone. Ski with a buddy. Wait for your buddy. Keep up with your buddy!Talk to your buddy! Patrol, Instructors, Class Organizers please repeat often to the kids!
Please check your gear for the weekend. The rental stuff is buried. The waxer has been replaced and Kaden will be happy to help you wax the snowboard we couldn't do last week. Sorry.
Watch for changes, but so far GO!
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Friday, March 1, 2019

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