5 AM update. A couple of inches fell over night and it is now snowing lightly straight down with no wind. The road has two inches of snow on it, more at Galena Park than up here at 4:30.
It's winter, so come ski.
By the looks of their trucks, I would say Jim and Mike have been out all night. Many more handshakes, hugs and plane tickets are needed for these guys. Winter is not playing fair to these Dads either. They both have "real " jobs on top of making this place's snow pretty for you. There are no snow gnomes, just groomers up all night! Come see what they can do.
Big message. No skiing or riding alone. Ski with a buddy. Wait for your buddy. Keep up with your buddy!Talk to your buddy! Patrol, Instructors, Class Organizers please repeat often to the kids!
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

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