Anyone remember these clear Sierra days? They are coming back for the weekend. But we have a little more snow than the last time the sun was really shining.
Yes for opening Friday 1-4. We will see who shows up. A couple of CSIs have said they will come to train instructors or give adult lessons. No warranty on who or what can happen. Volunteer organization. Running Sky Ridge only for members only. What's the worse? Members get to ski? Maybe its a thank you for sticking out this snow season and bringing your own shovel.
Saturday and Sunday will be clear and cold. Don't be fooled by the sunshine either way. You will still need a coat and you will need sunscreen! This is the first week we are not starting from scratch building the slopes. Rocco got some work done to it but not ready yet. Only one guy that can fix it. Trying.
Request from the Moms that really run this place. Please clean up the tables after yourself. There is no uniformed staff with rags wiping things down, its you.
And please, Sky Tavern is a training area. Kids go to lessons. If they don't go to lessons they don't get to free ski in the afternoon. Please don't show up late and blow the system. For all those other parents that are volunteering their time to teach your kid that is kind of a slap that what they are doing is meaningless. We are all here for each other. Please support each other and their efforts. Only way this thing survives the 99 years we are making plans for.
Sunscreen and repeat.Always ski with a buddy. Stay away from tree wells and snow starts up Tuesday.
Go have fun. Its time we all did.
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Friday, March 15, 2019

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