These two were planning a way to get on first chair and skip class. You know that had to be it.
Week 8 for Saturday and 7 for Sunday. No, we are not done yet. We are working on the plan and you will be asked your opinion during lunch. Sky is still open for a couple more weeks at least. Its spring skiing, which this year means more snow on Saturday. Sunday "they" say will be epic. Get up here.
FYI: 317 inches of snow.
Remember the king from Monty Python that built the castle, then it sank into the swamp, so he built another, that sank into the swamp? That has been the life of the guys trying to build the terrain park. When they built it, Mother Nature then buried it and repeat.
The terrain park has been built, should stay open for the rest of the season and it is very cool. All the features were many feet down under the snow, like 8-12. Go take a look, but pay attention to the rules. Start small! Call your drops! If you don't know what that means, ask Dom in the park. He is the boss and there to help. He is also very tired of shoveling.
Mt. Rose
If the kids want to ski during the week at spring break, watch for Mt.Roses' announcement. I got a heads up that they will offer kid's $29 tickets that include pizza while school is out. I didn't see it on the website yet, but keep looking. A season pass deal is coming too. Its time to go Ski Rose! Sky Tavern is where you learn, now go ski for the rest of your life!
No lifts running this or next Friday. Sorry.
And if you have some cool pictures you can share to help tell the Sky Tavern story, please email them or find me.
Thank you all. 2019 is a fantastic season and not over yet!
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Friday, March 22, 2019

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