Time to get signed up for a winter with SKY TAVERN


Winter is on the way


We have finally gotten over summer and seen our first snowfall of the coming ski season with the second hitting most likely during a bike race here this weekend hosted by UNR. College is tough.


(There may also be a Santa Cruz bike demo Sunday at Sky. Talk to High Sierra Cycling for more about that.



I have been pretty quiet all summer. Closing in May meant some were pretty worn out and didn't really want to think about skiing for a while (or talk to me, LOL). I went and moved a boat across an ocean as a way to hide, but now we are all back and time to go. This summer Sky Tavern held bike events, camps, a concert, weddings, City of Reno retreats and even alpine horn practices! Lifts are ready, snowcats are close to ready. Bring on the snow.


Registration started up at Bobos over Labor Day. We have over 500 members right now for 2020. Fair warning is that SkyKids is filling up and pricing goes up next week, $15 for kids.


Get signed up by clicking here!


Next big thing is we start getting ready for Ski Swap November 22-23. Since this is most likely our last time in that building before it becomes a parking garage, we want to do it big. Ideas? We are already working on a spotlight with the Sky Tavern logo as opposed to the Bat Symbol. One member has a comic book addiction. What other things that get talked about around the water cooler should we try to get going? Email us. Come


Dates as of Now


October 8th Event Planning Meeting (to be confirmed)

November 6th Certified Instructors and Returning Instructors Meeting California Building

November 13th First Member Orientation Meeting

California Building

November 22-23 Sky Tavern Ski Swap

Old Sports Authority Building by Sams Club


Winter is heading to Northern Nevada. Turn it into fun.

Sky Tavern is where you need to be




info@skytavern.com 775 323 5125

Friday, September 27, 2019

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