SkyKids Orientation Night

Tuesday December 5th

6:30 PM in the California Building in Idlewild Park

75 Cowan Dr.

Time to get it going for the little guys!

The time when the parents of Sky Tavern’s smallest members get together to learn what is in store for them in 2018. How to teach, how to catch kids, how to set up and run a Dad powered rope tow all for SkyKids. A program inside a program, it works. Kids are going to be rocking the slopes and high fiving teddy bears carving down the bunny hill before you know it.


Kris and CJ are your new best friends and they absolutely need all the SkyKid parents to attend. There is a fair amount to go over and take in (no worries, it s ALL FUN), so if the SkyKid could just drop Mom or Dad off and maybe drive themselves to the movies that would be great. The parents will be done under two hours for sure. 

SkyKids has sold out and so it's now time to get to know your new friends!

Bill Henderson 
Executive Director/General Manager
775-323-5125 (office)

Kids were never meant to hibernate

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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