Wednesday is Instructor's Night

Wednesday is Instructor's Night

  • Monday, 2nd December, 2019
  • 15:10pm
There has been no power at Sky Tavern all Monday and may not be any for a while as of 2 pm. Our parking lot looks like the staging area for a major motion picture. NV Energy trucks everywhere. They are working on it and we are trying to get snowcats up and running in the middle of all the confusion. No one is answering phones here, sorry. I'm writing this by running a computer off a generator and hooked to my phone. It might work. And yes the registration website was dead all weekend. ehhhh!
We got/are getting snow. The first feet were dry useless stuff. You couldn't make a snowball out of it on a bet. This next round is good old fashion Sierra Cement. Exactly what we need to build a base.
You returners hang on for a second because Bill's How it Works follows. We don't ski on this snow falling now. We use it to build a base for more snow to fall on. This is the gravel under the cement in your driveway. We do all kinds of seemingly silly things this coming week. We transport all the snow out of the parking lot and cover up the creeks with it. We drive over it and compress it into a cube during the day and let it freeze at night. We run sprinklers and fill bags with water and dump them on the unload area at the top of the mountain. All this is part of the 'build" of Sky Tavern. The point is don't expect an opening until we get all this done. How snow farming works. I'll let you know when we are ready to run. If we start too early, we burn through to dirt. Too late and I get strung up!
Instructor's Night
Wednesday, December 4th. 7 PM California Building in Idlewild Park. 75 Cowan dr.
Let me put this simply, be an instructor. Sky Tavern needs instructors. I can make a sandwich for kids. We need instructors to teach them to ski and ride.
This is a night for new instructors and new JR Instructors. Returning and SkyKids get to pass. They will get all the new material on the hill during instructors training on snow.
Sky Tavern is putting a lot of focus and effort into instructors this season with extra training time and inviting some top help. I want everyone to share their passion for the sport, just like someone did for you. Instructing matters for kids and kids are why we are all involved in this. An instructor can be someone that just helps kids on the bunny hill by walking next to them or being someone that teaches things in the terrain park Mom doesn't want to see. Most are in the middle. We break instructing down to bite size bits. It is easy, fun and again, matters. Please come and hear how we do it. No technical jargon about extensions or flex. Just plain talk on how and why we get kids on the slopes. Instructors will be on the snow as soon as possible leaning games and techniques that start the next Gold Medal winner form Reno. Insert plug for David Wise, who learned to ski at Sky here.
If after this you are still shaking your head on instructing, we will talk about support positions the following week.
Gear Rentals
Lots more dates coming up. We are not going to run out of gear this year or ever again. I just started the four digit registration number for the skis. Lots of gear in every size. Thanks to some help for Boreal and Soda Springs we have good stuff too!
Sorry but last Saturday was a bit ragged. We figured 30 people would show and 78 did. Traffic jam.
All of you that want to work with gear please let me know your schedule so we can speed things up a bit (lot).
Sparks Christmas Parade
We have a spot in Saturday's Sparks Christmas parade. We need some kids to walk and toss candy or do whatever they do at this thing. Interested? Please email Lythia at
And a big thanks to Paula Hart and crew at Christmas Reservations. The weather beat us up on this fundraiser a little, but we still received great donations. We are talking about having them here this summer for another event. (Paula's husband Leslie Gilliams was a Master Chef contestant who likes to ski here)
The Pray for Snow Party that was to happen this Friday has been postponed due to snow! We will have a different themed event soon.
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