Dec 11, New Member orientation night

Dec 11, New Member orientation night

  • Tuesday, 10th December, 2019
  • 12:47pm
The new member orientation meeting: Wednesday, December 11th at 7 pm in the California Building.
Rentals Saturday and Sunday (or call up here and see if we can set you up during the week, but not this Wednesday. See below!)
New member orientation night is Dec 11, 7pm at the California Building in Idlewild Park. 75 Cowan dr.
This might be the last in town orientation night since we have snow. We will start doing more stuff weekends at Sky Tavern so I can't ask volunteers to miss that much time from honey-dos at home.
If you are brand new to the program and signed up as either a support member or an instructor, stopping by might make the process a bit easier.Bus parents can just read the email that's coming. We will be doing more this season before the program really opens at Sky Tavern just because there is snow here.
For you new folks, the picture is the Snack Shack in the terrain park. It is up on four foot posts.We have snow.
This will be a busy weekend.
Rentals Saturday and Sunday 10- 2. We stop giving out tickets at 2 because it takes until 5 to finish up.My wife's Christmas party is Saturday night. Since I work for a nonprofit, I try to be nice to her and her real job. If you are signed up to work in the tune room, help please. It will go a bunch faster with more than one old guy setting up bindings.
If you come up you just might get rounded up for helping get the Lodge ready or being used as someone stuck on a broken chairlift. Maybe just go sled. I can't stand sledders because they are tourists so go out there and teach them some manners please. I pick up so many dirty diapers.
I will do rentals every day I can (including every day during the kid's winter break) until everyone has the gear they need. We are not going to run out, but we do not rent out gear opening weekend. There is simply too much happening and the lunch room has to stop being the storage area for boots. Ski boots and spaghetti do not mix well. Get up here.
Certified Instructors. Please come up Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we need to get the tower pads up before we can do any training and Sunday is lift evac practice first thing in the morning. We need you to help, On snow training can happen after each of those necessary events. A little lift and tote and the mountain is your's.
The plan is your on snow training starts Dec 21 and will happen as often as we can until we open, which is planned for Jan 12th.
Support Members
Your on hill orientation will be the first weekend of the new year. That is the same time we will have the kids that have never been on snow, on snow. We use to call it dryland, but now it is on the snow at Sky Tavern if the weather is good. If it is poor weather it will be in Idlewild park on Dec 5th. Watch emails for more or look at FAQs on the websiteNot a requirement so don't cut short a trip to Grandma's.
Lift Operators
We are still looking for lift operators. Got a teenager that is at home on the weekends bored silly? Get them up here and we will train them, or anyone else to run the lifts. Bumping chairs is fun as long as you like people. 14 year olds can run surface lifts and 18 to run chair lifts. We pay. Not much, but there are some other perks too. You with the doctorate degrees out there. You know you missed doing this back in college. Now is your chance.We will start teaching you at 9 this Saturday or Sunday. Just show up and find Marty. Begging for you old lifties to show up!!!
Sparks Christmas Parade
Anyone get a picture of the Bumble, truck, trailer and kids? Got busy, missed it. LOL.
You know that scene in Star Wars right before the Rebels attack the Death Star?
We go before the Reno City Council this Wednesday for our 30 year lease. Fingers crossed it all goes well. We still have years left on the old lease but we need to get moving on raising money for improvements and without a generational lease, money is out of reach.You have been meaning to write the City Council saying Sky Tavern matters but got busy. This matters.Please do it. It is not a slam dunk. There is opposition.
Passes are being mailed. Just way behind on making them because everyone joined at once and Lythia is by herself ( and pregnant) right now in the office. You don't need them until January opening day. This is Sky Tavern. If you complain, you get put in charge. How I got here 19 years ago.
Wednesday is a game changing day for your kids and their kids too. Write the City Council, please.
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