A new long lease between Sky Tavern, the nonprofit, and the City of Reno was approved on December 11!
This changes everything and started long ago as just an idea in 2005.
Since 1999 Sky Tavern has been operating on five year leases and extensions, which was fine. Renewal was almost an automatic rubber stamp procedure. When the plan to raise money to install snowmaking really started to happen, funders asked that we secure the property for generations. This lease is the result of that.
The lease gives the nonprofit 30 years with a 20 year extension. The joke is that I am to be at City Hall in October of 2047 to tell the City we wish to keep going. Put me in a cup and pour my ashes out on the table with a flag that says "Good to Go".
One of the conditions is that Sky Tavern produces snow for two seasons in the next ten years. We will get it done before that with your help.Creativity and passion raises money. This group has both and we will be asking to tap into all that soon.
Thank you to all that sent emails to the City Council. It helped a great deal. Now time to get on with the next step in all of this and to open for the 73rd season of the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.
The real goal
Opening Weekend is January 11-12 for all the kids.
First Instructor Training December 21-22
Gear Rentals this weekend 10-2
Still time to register
City Council on YouTube
The Mayor's words are most kind!
  1. 5 hrs 37 minutes to 5 hrs 59 minutes

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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