The plan for the Weekend of 12/14-15

The plan for the Weekend of 12/14-15

  • Friday, 13th December, 2019
  • 12:49pm
The plan for the Weekend of 12/14-15
We have snow and more coming, so time to start using it. This weekend (14-15) starts the opening and training at Sky Tavern. We start with the adults and getting some tasks done.
Saturday morning at Sky Tavern
9 am: Ski Patrol, Race Team and Certified Snowsport Instructors get the tower pads up on the lifts. Nothing can really open until we get this safety thing done. It is a bit of lift and tote. Aleve helps. After that CSIs start the training so they teach the parent instructors all the new tricks in getting kids skiing and riding the best they can. Race Team helping them too.
New and returning lift operators meet downstairs. We have had a few teenagers say they want to come run things and some Dads, Moms and Grandparents. If anyone wants to come help run the lifts we need them. Not fix them, just load kids. We are very short on help, so will train, bribe, pay whatever. Come up. It is fun. Mike never stops smiling. HELP! Walking up the hill will kill me, so come try it. Really not that hard bumping chairs and something you missed doing in college. Spread the word about this please.
10 am: Rentals begin. We have lots of gear, lots. If you need go fast stuff, stop by Bobos. Our gear is to get you started in the sport but still very good and cheap. We put a huge amount into getting it tuned this summer. We stop giving out tickets to rent at 2 so we can finish up. The folks that took the clinic, its your time and we can always use more.
Saturday only at BOBOS
Lythia will be at Bobos from 10-2 for new membership drive. There are deals galore in gear, rentals and clothing. Go get a helmet, googles, gloves!
Sunday is the same general schedule but EVAC practice is first thing in the morning. We need CSIs and Patrol to be good at this in case everything goes wrong. They send a swing set chair up to a chair lift chair to hoist you out. We have never had to do it for real with a mechanical breakdown but still something we practice every year. If you want to be a "victim" we need to fill up four or five chairs with a mixture of kids and adults. That part is a blast. Just look at the reporter below.
Race Team and CSIs training after Patrol says we are good to go.
Rentals at 10- 2 again. Again I will do rentals every chance we can until everyone is outfitted. Our packages are skis, poles, boots or boards and boots. $65 for kids. $75 for adults. SkyKids are less. We have some helmets but you might want to visit Bobos and get your own.
Both days we need to set up the Lodge for the season, clean the kitchen, decorate a tree. Usual stuff for a ski hill that has parents as staff. This area is now locked down and belongs to the community for a very long time. Let's make it happen!
The road is going to be interesting and traffic up to Rose will be heavy. Be careful. This is not a weekend for open skiing but to get started with CSIs and Patrol. Please keep that in mind.
Opening Weekend is January 11-12 for all the kids.
First Instructor Training December 21-22
Gear Rentals this weekend 10-2
Still time to register


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