This is a sport that takes a lot of STUFF!
Got kids? They keep growing, right? Rent gear.
Come rent gear this weekend so we can get this going in a couple of weeks.
Gear rentals 10- 2, Friday , Saturday and Sunday. We have lots of skis, boots, boards and poles that need to be used. Come fight your way up the hill with the tourists and then battle for a parking space with them sledding. Might be the only time you get to park in the upper lot! Come on up. Not running lifts this weekend, but lots of snow to play in.
Skis, boots, poles or
snowboard and boots.
SkyKids $40
Kids $60
Adults $75
If you need new zippy stuff, please see my son at Bobos. Everything we have has had a former life at a big resort but good to go. Works fine to learn on.
We have some helmets, but new ones at Bobos and Scheels are a much better idea. Helmets are required on everyone skiing and riding.
Could use some help getting this done this weekend too. Please! Hopefully it will be busy so all this is stored in your garage all winter. There is a lot of fun sitting here that needs to be used.
We are getting very close to starting. Big long boring emails coming next week. Please read them.
Email written between rentals with my apologies for abusing the english language in such a hurry.

Friday, December 27, 2019

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