Jan 4-5. Dryland/Instructors and Support Members Orientations

Jan 4-5. Dryland/Instructors and Support Members Orientations

  • Monday, 30th December, 2019
  • 16:23pm
Happy New Year. Time to get this thing going for 2020.
Sky Tavern will be opening on time this season, fingers crossed.The first weekend for the entire Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program will be January 11-12. Got some stuff to do for this weekend first.
First up on Saturday is Dryland Training. 10 am
Silly name this year since we have lots of snow, but traditions are hard to break. This is a short class at Sky Tavern for kids that have never been on snow. Think Level 0 training. It helps to jump start kids if you can make it here. 10 am at Sky Tavern for skiing, snowboarding and SkyKids. Saturday only and no buses running. Not a requirement, just an extra chance to get going on the sport. It is also a chance to make sure a 10 year old is not showing up with Uncle Bob's skis from 1986.
After that is for all the Adults
Sky Tavern is a CO-OP. It is all run by you, the parents. You are the staff from the parking lot to the instructors. This weekend, Jan 4-5 is all about getting all adults ready for the kids. Come up to Sky Tavern Saturday, Sunday or both days this weekend. All about you Moms and Dads so we do a great job for our kids.
All instructors
SkyKids, Junior Instructors, Skiing, Snowboarding and any other instructors I forgot,like Adaptive. Even those that are on the fence and unsure of instructing. Come on and give it a go. We have the best certified skiing and snowboarding instructors that will teach you to teach kids.
This is when we get you ready to teach those kids. This is your learning time. We start Saturday after Dryland (11?) and 9am Sunday. You will be on the snow learning teaching techniques. Bring those skis and boards. Sky Tavern is a teaching facility. We need great instructors and you are those sharing skills! This is the FUN time. Figure we will be done at the very latest by 3.
First year instructors will be starting by teaching Levels 1-3. These first lessons are the foundation of enjoying a sport for life but it is easy and fun to do a great job with these kids. Give instructing a try please. Get up here.
Support Members
(All the adults that are not instructors)
You run a ski area. Lots of tasks for everyone and everyone has a task for a few hours. This is why Sky Tavern works, you making it happen. There is no staff in matching blue shirts here. It is us.
Ambassadors: People in the ? vests with the ability to fix every problem. Must have a year under your belt here because answering questions and pointing is most of the job. Drying teary eyes is the rest.
Parking: Start early directing traffic. Keep them moving off the highway into the lot. Keep NHP Tommy from yelling at us. Alicia is the boss. Look for pink, lots of pink to talk to her.
Front Desk: Paperwork, helping with badge issues, lost parents, that type of stuff. Also includes the shirt sales counter and lost & found. Teri and JJ here.
Lodge Monitor: Keep the kids from destroying our 75 year old lodge. Keep kids out of the lodge and in class when they try to cut. Kinda being a parent with more kids and a bigger house. Not sure who is the head but Teri can point them out.
Kitchen: They seem to dance and laugh a lot while feeding us other folks. Got a BBQ outside and even a Snack Shack up on the mountain. Diana is head cook and bottle washer because Melissa did hurt herself again. Her foot this time.
Class Organizers: Just like the name says. Round up kids by ability and size, get an instructor and send them out. When they are done with lessons they get to punch the kids to the next level. This season we are adding in the scanning of kids, so more parents need to check this box please. We will need some help here. This group has become more important with added tasks and technology.
Scanning: We are going to try to track every child with scanners. We need some creativity here and they will be working with class organizers. There are lots of logistics folks in the area. Help.
Lifts: Help the kids on the surface lifts and check for those kids without passes on the chairlifts. Tell kids jokes and make them behave in line. Make the adults behave too. Where I started so since the real lifties are doing training at the same day.
We are still looking for full time lift operators. Luckily some Moms and Dads stepped up to help out but we need some employees also. Age 14 to run the surface lifts and 18 for chairlifts. If you are leaving a kid at home playing video games all day, drag them up so we can talk to them. This is a big deal and we need the help badly. Spread the word. Without lifts we are walking!
Sat and Sun are Q & A times for all the parents that are not instructing. Maybe the support people will start a little later after Dryland Saturday and about 9:30 start Sunday, lasting a few hours. We can do orientation, which really is you talking to the department leaders and finding a spot if you have not decided already. If you have decided, or are returning from last season, please follow the links below and add your name to a position. Having 200 moms saying "Just put me somewhere" works but takes some time. You have heard me preach it often, but we need to run this place all day long. Afternoon shifts are very important please. And yes people move around departments all the time. This is Sky Tavern not Scott's job in Susanville. We really try to make the first day easier but it is controlled chaos. Been that way for all the years and by week 3 it running just fine. You make that happen.
Is coming up for Support Members "required"? No, but it does make getting going easier by a factor of a bunch. Kids can go play in the snow,but not get on the lifts unless they are Jr. Instructors. The kitchen will still be getting set up, so food may or may not be available.
Saturday's Support Member Job List Here
Sunday's Support Member Job List Here
There are numbers of people we need listed but usually need more so see the Moms at the front desk if a position is full.
Rental Gear
Sky Tavern still has every size gear for most everyone. Bumble sized Dads are getting tough, but lots for kids. All of the gear goes back in the containers starting Jan 6th. That means the amount of effort to outfit someone goes up by a factor of two and the price might also. Get up here and get set up. Thursday and Friday should be big days for this. Kids are out of school. We do it on the weekend if there is help. Do not think we can set anyone up on opening day. There is way too much going on. I hate disappointing but the real world is opening weekend is hectic!
If you already got your gear please make sure the boots still fit. Kids grow faster than a cow's tail batting at the feeding trough.
Everyone skis and rides with a helmet every time.
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