This past week I got to speak my mind to the National Ski Areas Association members at their winter conference thanks to an invite from Constance Beverley, the CEO of Share Winter Foundation. We got to tell the story of nonprofits that are working to get kids and families into the sport and becoming the next customers of ski areas. We stressed why they, the ski areas, should help us do that. It was a cool experience and hopefully will do some good in getting equipment and funding for us and other groups that work for kids and winter.
Constance will be snowboarding at Sky Tavern Saturday and seeing what we do. We have been funded by Share Winter for scholarships and buses since they began their mission to get kids on snow. She is a very dynamic person and loves to talk to the kids and parents about all things snow. Look for her and share ideas. Click on the logo to learn more about this nation-wide effort to get kids outside and active on snow.
See you Saturday Morning and thanks to all for doing this thing to get kids into the culture of skiing.

Friday, January 17, 2020

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