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December 7, 2017

It is just a fact that everyone wants winter to start in December, including moi. It is also a fact it hardly ever does. We wanted to start some on snow training now, but still a bit thin out there. Creeks are still running and I do not want to have to pick up a 
soggy kid out of Washoe Lake.
All on snow training, instructors, SkyKids, big kids dryland stuff is on hold until more snow. The only thing going on at Sky Tavern this weekend will be rentals on Saturday and some shindig for the race team Sunday night! We faked these training days in last year with maybe a foot more snow that we have now. Snow did not start last year until January 5th and then never stopped. Snow is all I worry about and until we get snow making nothing I can do anything about. It always snows but I dream about pumps and ponds.It will come and we will get going with kids having fun. So we are just bumping all the dates forward until snow happens.
Emails will always have the latest info on what is about to go on. I have to call LA to change the website. Sometimes I mess up the call.
Hello, SkierBOB, are we reaching?

The next and most likely last for the 2018 season Orientation Meeting
 New Member Orientation Meeting
Tuesday, Dec 19 in the California Building
 75 Cowan Dr. 
 ( inside Idlewild Park. )
 7 PM
note. If you show up next Tuesday, the 12th, you will be at a group's Christmas Party in the California Building. Could be fun but not anything to do with Sky Tavern! Most of you have been to one of these meetings by now but if not PLEASE show up.  Not attending just adds to the confusion opening day and makes your friend's and neighbor's jobs harder.  Don't be that person please. 

This meeting is for those adults joining as skiing or non-skiing members coming up weekends to the mountain that are new to the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program. Bus parents are welcome but not required. If you were a Sky Tavern adult last season you can stay home unless you would like to come help and answer questions.

Since Sky Tavern is a CO-OP, where every adult has a position helping make this happen, we get together to explain the who, what , where and hows of all this.  

Skiing is a sport that takes a lot of "stuff". Sky Tavern can help you get that "stuff" like skis, boards, boots, poles and helmets

Saturday Dec 9th 10 -2

Sky Tavern Lodge

I spent my day off looking for more big kid/Mom & Dad sized gear. Found it. Don't ask who's garage I raided. As of right now Sky Tavern can set up skis for any size person again, but no clue how long this will last. Some sizes inventory is skinny, other sizes, lots to use. None of it is of any use sitting in a 40 ft cargo container all winter. There is a whole lot of fun waiting for you to come get. Sliding on your behind is fun, but a pair of Salomons is much better. We charge less than what it costs Sky Tavern to do this part of the Program.  $50 big kids or $30 for SkyKids for a season rental to get you on the snow. You MUST be registered in the Program first please.

Sky Tavern SkyKids

Sky Tavern Lodge for rentals and yes we have a way to keep the kids knowing Santa brought them!
We are running very short on size 38 and 40 ski poles. Please check your garage for stuff the kids grew out of. A cute 8 year old is counting on us! Donations is the only way Sky Tavern has a rental program. Please see what you can donate.

Sky Tavern will do everythin g it can to get every kid on the snow. Just ask us please! 323 5125 to leave a message since it is go-go time.

Saw this from Sky Tavern's Adaptive Program ex-director but still hanging out cool guy,    Bob Guerrero.
Yesterday my Dad, Al Guerrero, passed away peacefully, surrounded by family in his home. He was 92, World War II purple heart veteran....
Writing " Dec 7th" always makes me appreciate the accomplishments of those they call the greatest generation. They grew up in an economic time we can't grasp. They left home, they fought, they bled, not all came home. Those that did went on to do amazing things, Sky Tavern being one. We owe them. 
I work hard every day to live up to the expectations of my grandfather and uncle who both had large parts in making what Sky Tavern and Reno are today. All of you also have family members with similar stories that did great things and changed the future or who fought and gave. If they are still around hug them gently and then get all those stories and pictures. It matters later when they are gone. So many questions of how Harold and Buck did it I should of asked and never did. I was to busy. I messed up.


I wish I had met Al because his son is something else! I bet Al's stories were too. 

See you all soon,





Thursday, December 7, 2017

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