Hello SkyKids Families!

For Week 3, we are good for snacks for now - thank you! We will let you know when we get low again. 

We have a lot in lost and found, so please take a look if you are missing something.

Make sure that all your kid's equipment is labeled clearly and that their name is on the front of their helmets. Thank you!

The kids are starting to move up the mountain, but all the kids move up at different times so please do not worry if your child has not moved up yet. We just want them to have fun as they learn. We check the cards at the end of every class. So please make sure you fill out your student's card and turn it in. 

With the kids moving up if you ski or board please bring your equipment up and have it ready at the lodge as we may need you to help teach.

 We are a volunteer-based program, so please make sure that you are volunteering your 2 hours each time you are up on the mountain. With that being said, we cannot have parents and grandparents standing on the snow watching their child as it is not safe and distracts from their lesson. Thank you for understanding.

At the end of lessons, please make sure that you put the child equipment in the short little racks by the SkyKids room so the parents can find them after classes. Please do not bring the skis in the lodge.

Thank you for all your help this season! You help make our program work!

See you on the mountain!

CJ and Kris

Friday, January 24, 2020

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