A bit about Safety
Since all of you adults are helping to make this place go, we need to make sure everyone does know the information about safety.
Safety Rules
1. Evacuation from job location
Know where the exits in the lodge are. The meeting place is in the parking lot if evacuation is necessary. Ski Patrol will direct.
2. How to report unsafe conditions using SPARS and SCARS forms.
All form to report any unsafe conditions before an accident or after are located in the Safety Manuals which are in Ski Patrol or at the front desk. If you see an unsafe condition please report it to the Ski Patrol, Mountain Management or your department head. Some times there are members that do this for a living and see something that no one else ever saw before. Please speak up!
3. MSDS: Location and Use
Mostly for kitchen people the sheets are in the Safety Manual again at the front desk.
4. Locations and use of First Aid Stations
Ski Patrol. They are the best in the west, use them! Located on the first floor behind the cross.
5. Proper Lifting/Moving Handling Techniques
What we pick up are kids. Ski boots make poor platforms to work in so get some help with kids especially on the icy patches. Use hand trucks or get help with heavy loads.
6. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment
Kitchen people use gloves and aprons when working. Outside people please dress for work out side. No tennis shoes to run lift lines.
7. Being aware of machinery
Please stay out of lift motor areas. Rotating machines and loose clothing make a bad combination. Please stay away from snowmobiles and groomers when they are operating. Obey all closures when a helicopter is present. This is an emergency and all energy and focus need to be on the patient. Please talk with your kids about this.
It has been a very busy week up on the hill doing some improvements. Some you will see, some you will drive right by, some you are going to have to venture into the terrain park for. Just the way it is.
See you skiing,

Friday, January 24, 2020

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