Hello SkyKids Families!

First, thank you all for all your hard work! All of us volunteers make this program work, we could not do it without all of your help!! Now on to business….

Please remember to bring your badges and wear them – both parents and kiddos. If you do not have your printed badge yet, make sure to get a temporary one at the front desk upstairs. If you are not a registered member of the program but coming to visit for the day, you need to get a visitors pass from the front desk. This is very important as we need to know who is on the mountain. Also we cannot have people standing on the snow watching and following their kids – this is very dangerous and distracting. So please, stay off the snow if you are not teaching. If you are registered in the program, you need to be volunteering, this is how we work and we need all the help we can get – thank you!!

Level cards – Please let us know if your child does not have a level card yet. All the kids need these for tracking levels especially once they get to the lift levels. These need to be on the students with their badges. We had a few complaints that kids were not getting punched up, we are a training facility and we make sure that kids are skiing correctly and safely before moving them up a level. The last thing we want to happen is kids skiing where they are not ready to ski. If you want your child to be reviewed by a trainer (CI – instructors with the green and orange jackets), please let us know and we will do our best to make this happen. We did have a lot of kids get punched up this past weekend; we will be checking the level passes at check-in to make sure that they are punched accordingly.

With kids moving up the mountain, we need all the parents that can ski and board to bring their equipment up, just in case we need you to help teach. If you prefer to stay in Level 1 teach, we will LOVE to keep you there. Again thank you for volunteering! And remember we have adult lessons in the afternoon at 1 if you want to improve your skills.

We have plenty of snacks right now – thank you! We do need Dixie cups please and thank you.

Kris will not be here on Saturday, she is taking our son to his race at Alpine, so please be patient with check-in and the lodge helpers J Go Sky Tavern Rave Team!!

And last, please remember to be on time. It is very difficult to get kids into lessons when they are already started.

Sorry for the long email tonight, just trying to cover everything.

See you on the mountain!

CJ and Kris    

Thursday, January 30, 2020

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