Presidents Weekend 2020 & another Mayor Bob story.
The biggest weekend in skiing every year. Week 6/5 is how is is working out this season, way ahead of past years. The weather should not be anything that stops us from running all three days!
Nope, still hasn't snowed in 2020 and yep, the coverage is still great. A bit firm in the morning, but still not having to dodge much thanks to the grooming guys. Thank them. They are doing great work all night long.
Saturday and Sunday are regular lesson days. We need instructors to do their thing and get kids to the next level. The 'Moms" are adding in some raffles and silent auctions. A few of the high school race teams will be there Sunday practicing as well. Go run their course.
Sunday, after closing, is the 2020 volunteer dinner. Again the Moms and a few of the Dads that are department heads and such, will be serving up dinner. Tri-tip, chicken, salad, more. This is part of the thanks for members, and their kids, for making Sky Tavern happen. We do ask you sign up that you will be there at the front desk. Teri and crew cook for 200, but just checking numbers to relieve some stress. We are a family now and doing something amazing for kids. Have dinner.
After that, at dark, comes the annual torchlight parade. Pretty cool thing to see and a skiing tradition. Adults, see Patrol if you want to do it. The stuff stories are made of.
Monday is fun. No lessons and sorry no buses. We just have a day of skiing and riding. Still need help running the place, but everyone gets a few laps in. All members, go ski. Bus kids find a ride up. If you want to bring non-members, like your neighbors or cousins, to see and experience your Sky Tavern, this is the day to do it. $40 for adult non-members and $30 for non-member kids. That number usually lets us break even for the day since you members just help but are free. Yes, I have rental gear. All sizes. Just be patient since it is packed away.
Bobos will be there Monday with DEMOS to try. It is so much fun to try the new skis. Again it is free to borrow a pair for a couple of laps and then return them and try something else. Steve and Mary are huge supporters of the Program and always make this fun. Make the former Sky Tavern kids, that are now employees at Bobos, work hard for you. Ask really hard questions about side cut ratios and binding release distances. Make a deal with Steve for something new and zippy. You deserve it. Hug Mary. She deserves it from us.
Silent auction and raffles will begin at 10am each day
Silent auction will go all 3 days with pulled bid sheets on Monday at 3PM.
 Items in silent auction:
Come on and bid. It is a fund raiser! This is a fun weekend!
Ski Tickets Package for Two from Mt.Rose, Homewood & Mammoth
(Value $916.00):
Aces 4 infield tickets + autographed photo of Matt Koch
(Value $196.00)
Reno 1868 - 4 Midfield tickets + Autographed photo Danny Musovski
(Value $244.00)
Hard Rock 1 night stay and Zephyr Cove 2 captains passes
(Value $286.00)
Restaurant package  Squeeze Inn, Grand Sierra Buffet, Sands, Gold & Silver
(Value $260.00)
Raffles: (different raffles all 3 days. Tickets at the Front Desk. Do not need to be present to win)
A few years back Sunday night and if you look real close you can see Lythia being proposed to. You know she accepted because have you seen her this season? April 13th and a girl.
Our loss, but some stories now get told
There are few in Reno that don't have a personal Mayor Bob story. Ours is about the infamous Sky Tavern Rope Tow.
It hauled kids up for their first lessons for 40 years.It destroyed mittens and scarves by the thousands, caught in the rope and chewed up by the bull wheels. It was hated by every parent volunteer that stood for hours with a section of PVC pipe holding up the rope that got heavier by the minute dragging through the snow, soaking up water as it ran. By 3 o'clock it still took fifteen Moms and Dads to keep the rope tow open for that one 8 year old that cycled around and around. All went home with sore backs, swearing to become instructors or cook in the kitchen next weekend.
When Northstar donated the replacement handle tow kids use today, we thought it would be fun to have Mayor Bob come ceremoniously pull down the old towers. We cut the bases with a torch so they barely stayed in place and hooked the old rope tower to tower. The idea was that Mr. Mayor and the kids would yank one tower down and the whole group of five towers would follow like dominos. TV was invited. The mayor got his workers lined up and they tugged. Instead of a nice controlled fall, the towers gained energy. Each one crashed harder than the last and by the time the last two tumbled, the weight of the previous sent them up in the air, uncontrolled and spinning. TV personalities and cameramen ran for their lives. Everything finally crashed to the ground, all persons unhurt.
The Mayor chuckled and led all the kids to the trunk of his car. He gave each a silver dollar, told them to make sure they always got paid for their work in life and shook hands while thanking each for a job well done.
Rest well Mr. Mayor. Reno misses you.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

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