February 27,2020
Well let's talk about the weather.
Still opening this weekend. There just will be some challenges in spots.
I have seen it worse but Pony and Rocco are fairly sad today. We have used up NDOT's snow and now off to remove snow from around the pond and over in the trees. The pond is back to open water so hockey is finished too. The crew will find a way and then walk up to me and say we need snow with a long solemn look and sad eyes. But they always find a way. They are the best at this.
Saturday is warm and windier ahead of the cold. High temp Saturday is 40 something. Saturday night we get a little snow. Sunday it warms up to 20 something with less blowing.
According to  Bryan Allegretto, California Snow Forecaster for Open Snow, a change is happening the second week of March. Will it be big enough and soon enough to keep things going? Stay tuned is all I can say. We are running out of time. Click the picture of Pony Handle Tow to see latest weather for Sky Tavern.
Games are planned for this weekend. It will still be fun and we are still going! Parking up Bum's Gulch is a bad idea. Rocks are rolling off the hill and there is this one tree.
This is a silly season,
Time to start looking for deals
Teri and I have four kids, all in their twenties now, three of four in the ski business including that mom that made your ski pass, the one that fit your kid's race boots and the one that runs the snowboard school up the hill. We tried every sport when they were little, this one stuck. But to keep them on snow we had to get creative when Sky was not turning since this was before I had keys to the place and another career.
Deals are everywhere if you know where to look. Do the math and pick and choose. As I find them I am going to pass them along. Start with the easy ones.
Homewood. One of the coolest places to go and one of the club members of oldest lodge. Best views. Maybe tied with Diamond Peak.. We love these guys since they also gave us a snowcat!
Mt. Rose. You know where it is and how long it takes to get there. Might seem like some money but it is this year (middle of April) and next year. They opened in October this season. You would be joining the 42% of their passholders came from Sky Tavern. Their data, not mine!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

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