March 2, 2020
This past weekend had some differences. Yes, Saturday was rough with wind holds on everything but snowman building in the Aspens. But in case you missed Sunday, winter returned and it snowed and snowed. Steve must of waxed 500 skis and it will take until Wednesday for the lodge to dry out. It was the day Sunday people deserved after all the wind this season. The first true powder day of 2020.
Thanks to that snow we will be open this coming weekend. We have PSIA testing going on for the new Level 1 candidates, so watch for that bundle of nerves. Games are planned so let's just see what happens March 7-8. It will be all about Eric and his Kool-Aid races. We might even get a little more snow during the weekend. If you missed the meatball sandwiches, they are being held over as the special again.
We are going to run buses this weekend, but that may be ending. I hate leaving anyone in town but sorry, 12 kids a bus is a little tough to swallow. Get a ticket below for this weekend.
It has been a different season with this weather, just like every season. There is still more skiing to be done.

Monday, March 2, 2020

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