March 12, 2020
The Plan as of today after lots of input and not lightly.
The full 2020 Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program has concluded. We started way back in December with instructor training, opened in January for kids and trucked right through until now with only one hiccup. All that and really no snow in 2020 to speak of. Good job, gang.
Now you are walking to Sky Ridge in mud and the creeks have busted through, but a change is on the way. We have snow and "damaging winds" coming this weekend (never during the week this year, always on the weekend). Four days of snow and severe winter weather on the way. Mt. Rose has postponed all their events like the Bobos Demo Day for a week. This is the start to Miracle March.
Sky Tavern will close for this weekend and let the weather come in. Groomers Mike, Jim, Mack and Marty (intern groomer Corban is on a beach in Mexico) will try to make something out of all this and get back open next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 20-22. Call this a recess, a refresh, a line in the snow between the program and the coming play days, whatever. Just what we need to do to attempt to continue. We need snow to get open.
Next weekend there will be no lessons or buses. That part of Sky Tavern is over. Come up and get miles under your skis with your kids. We still need help making this happen, especially since many key volunteers and department heads will not be here. Step up please. Instructors can BBQ. I 've eaten some pretty amazing stuff at the summer picnic. Rental gear is in storage so if you bring a neighbor please see Bobos or Scheels for gear. Don't forget a helmet. Members free of course, neighbors cheap. Let you know next week after the storm.
Friday afternoon, SkierBob will be here filming for 2021 promotions. Wear bright clothes and smile big!
It would be irresponsible to not say something about shutdown of ski areas due to the coronavirus. So far that has not happened anywhere. Special events have been postponed and all US Ski & Snowboard events, races and conferences are cancelled until further notice starting Monday. Different season we are living through and Sky Tavern management will try to continue it, but everyone's safety is at the top. We will be following the best practices from local agencies and the ski industry for the members. Stay tuned, stay healthy, stay understanding, stay positive.
Thank you for your part in producing a great 2020 STJSP season and I hope to see everyone skiing next week on fresh snow. More info & updates next week.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

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