Sunday, March 15, 2020
10:15 pm and with a stomach in knots.
Closing is never easy.
The difference 72 hours brings. All local and most nationwide ski areas have now closed to do their part in halting COVID-19. Sky Tavern included. We will not be reopening the lifts or lodge until further notice.
So close. We had a plan that included many steps to allow for proper social distancing and serious cleaning. Plus Sky did get the snow we needed to open. Health comes first and yet from a family whose whole world revolves around snow, this is still tough.
The Program opened on time, ran straight through nine weeks plus pre-season days. Kids learned to rock the mountain and Mom and Dad kept the place open even if 2020 was a bit stingy with snow and had you tough out days that almost had Stella join Dorthy looking for OZ. Wind is miserable, but the Program happened and now this. We didn't get those free ski days or extra training time we might of in the coming weeks. Snowboard certification tests will have to be next year. So close. Closed.
Yet, be proud of creating something for the community. Not everyone gets to do that and the Truckee Meadows knows this is important for growing kids and their families. As I said back at orientation, give yourself and your neighbor a hand for what you did. 2020 worked. A Nevada tradition goes on. Spread the word of the successes. It matters. Job well done, gang!
Off the soapbox. There are some house-keeping issues to close out the season, rental gear pick up dates, a season recap survey and a bunch of public thanks so PLEASE open the emails in the coming days & weeks. Future stuff and there is a future.
Over the last months we all have got to know new members and become closer to old. Raising the flag with SkyKids is still the best part of my day and never forget, all of you are now part of a family with an amazing legacy. You all have Sky Tavern stories to tell for years and you will. Stay healthy, do your part to get the world healthy and we will do this all again next year.
With all my thanks and sorrow,

Sunday, March 15, 2020

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