Rental Gear
There have been a few calls and messages about rental gear returns. Usually I load up in our bus, park in a lot,collect gear and shake hands. Not sure that is a good idea right this second. But I will do the bus part as soon as socially possible. Maybe in May.
If you have to clean out your garage now and can bring to gear to Sky Tavern, we can accommodate.
The big bus is open. Put gear in it and write on the pad on the dashboard the name of who used the gear. That way we can check you off the list. We will unload the bus daily. Trusting you. LOL.
Scott, Paula and Bailey
Just one of the families that really stuck with Sky this season and put in huge efforts. When we were low on lift operators, Scott and several other Dads signed on. There would of been no donuts each morning without Paula and your badge might still not be printed or scanned without Bailey. Plus I miss the coffee they brought.
To you and all the other families than make Sky Tavern happen,
Thank you, miss you.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

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