First off I hope all are well. I have gotten to talk to a few that have wondered up to return gear or hike the hill, but not many. Shutting down like we did left lots of things undone. One Dad came by and said the lodge looks so sad. Like we shut down meaning to come back and never did. Pretty true.
But don't forget we had a good season. Thanks to early snow we did all the pre-season training days with parent instructors in December, got the kid's dryland days in and then ran for all eight weeks plus two other days. 2020 had a complete Junior Ski Program. We did it. Kids and families learned a sport for life. We did what we said we would do. You pulled it off.
So what if the wind blew more than usual? Almost all of the SkyKids showed every day. Those 4-5 year olds are tough. Big kids took lessons too. All of them got better at skiing and riding. Lots of reports due, lots of data has been collected.
We missed out on those "extra" days of goofing off thanks to a bad bug but next year will happen. There will be some changes and improvements because of feedback from the survey. Your thoughts matter. Thank you.
You can still drop rental gear off in the bus or most likely in May I will start the sitting in a parking lot in our bus collecting gear routine. Wait for the notice in May. I try to make it easy to return gear. We need that stuff for next season.
Again I hope you are all well. Sky Tavern needs you.
See you soon,
What else is going on?
Snow is melting which means hiking and biking trails will open before long. Sunshine and the outdoors boost immune systems. Get out! Watch out for creeks busting through the snow please.
We rebuilt the main stairs. Everytime I watched a kid stomp up them I cringed watching him bounce. All new and much better looking.
We are painting the back room finally. The colors of the inside of a hotdog had to go. Red, green and yellow. Catsup, mustard and relish.
Still working on replacing Rocco with a carpet lift. This is phase 1 of rebuilding the base area and the improvements we are going to do including snowmaking, lifts and lights. The bars for Sky Ridge get installed this summer too is the plan.
And the big one, at least for our family, was that Scarlett Ann Hawkins was born April 6th to office manager Lythia and Ski Patrol member Tyson. Stella now has a little sister. Fairly certain she and all her SkyKid friends will be showing and introducing Scarlett to the entirety of Sky Tavern next season. All is great except I have only seen my new granddaughter from a distance. Time will fix that.
Stay safe, stay healthy. Skiing is about a social distance sport as can be. Plus you are wearing gloves, googles and a face mask. We will be back for 2021.

Friday, April 24, 2020

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