Renown Health issued a request for proposals on June 18th and had anticipated funding 8 organizations. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at Renown Health was impressed by the community response and chose to support all 56 applications.
We are proud to announce we are one of 56 nonprofit organizations chosen by @RenownHealth for a grant to support organizations working on projects aiming to increase the presence and participation of women, racial and ethnic minorities, LBGTQ+ people, people with disabilities, people of low socioeconomic status, and other underrepresented groups. Thank you to Renown and the other nonprofits in our community fighting the good fight for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.
This is funding to create the second open ski day for any child with a disability to come experience Sky Tavern. We did this very successfully previously by inviting the Newton School to come visit in an open house setting. Now we will carry this forward again and find more kids that never thought they would be skiing and teach them how. Details as we get closer to winter.
Rocco lift
All this may not look like much right now but it is the beginning of something really big, Rocco 2020 as it is called around here.This is the start of our new carpet lift being built in Italy.
Kids are getting it too easy. First it was replace the old lifts to the top with chairlifts. Then came shaped skis, giving kids basically power steering. Water proof clothes, boots that don't hurt. Helmets.Then the rope tow became a handle tow and now the last remaining Poma from the 60's will be the first brand new lift at Sky Tavern in 50 years. Kids got it too easy, but worth the effort!
We are getting a great deal on this and thanks to the Marce Herz Foundation, the Matley Foundation and an anonymous donor the first and part of the second payment is covered. This is happening. Look close at the paper tag."SKY TAVERN"
Installation will be in the fall. This sits on the ground but I am certain we will need a group to come help bolt it all together in time for opening. The manufacture says 2 days which means 5.
And we are absolutely working on opening.Sky will look different, programs may be changed and we all may be eating in the parking lot but, we are flexible and committed to getting everyone outside in a safe, responsible way.
Show some support and get signed up before we remember to raise prices!
The red is the fire, the yellow is Sky Tavern.
Yes, there was a fire up here Sunday. Not anything like back in 09 when the lodge burned but way too close for my liking. A 1/4 mile , a highway and a dozen fire trucks between us and it.
I was very happy sitting in the backyard at 3:30 when Lythia said there was a fire on Rose. I didn't get to hold the grandbaby but did pass the Sheriff driving up the highway at a rather illegal rate.He waved. The guys and I started our emergency fire plan, moved equipment out then killed all the power and fuel while ducking the planes and helicopters that were so low coming across the parking lot. Crews did a great job of keeping the fire small even with 40 mph winds. So far no answer on the cause and crews still working Monday hiking in the steep terrain to mop up. We got lucky, but fire department response was amazing. Thank you.
KTVN and KRNV videos.
Rental gear is due back. Phones calls have begun. The harder you make getting this back, the more expensive it will be for everyone next time. Make arrangements at Please!
The ropes course at Sky Tavern run by Dr. Mike Selby,
Project Discovery, is opening for summer camps & more.
Visit their website by clicking the picture for more info including on never to be forgotten birthday parties.
(Since Mike lives behind Sky Tavern, he was a bit on edge Sunday during the fire. NDOT would not let him up the highway so he parked his truck and ran from Galena Park to Sky Tavern. Why we have a defibrillator in the lodge)
One last thing. I am writing the annual report that goes to funders, government agencies and other supporters.If there is a story you feel we need to shout to the world please let me know. This is one of the hardest and by far the most important writing we do each year.
Thank you,
Stay healthy and hug your kids. They grow up fast. My oldest son turns 26 this Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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