The bars are ready for business at Sky Tavern!
Now that doesn't sound right. The real story is that we waited a year to be able to say the bars are installed on Sky Ridge. Thanks to the Mom at the William H. Moffat Jr. Foundation one chairlift installation is finished. Thank You!
He still isn't to sure about all this but Marty's son can go on up now (with Mom of course).
The carpet lift replacing Rocco is somewhere out to sea with a possible delivery date in the next few weeks. It is going to be installed in a slightly different place than Rocco now but will change skiing and riding here. More later.
Stuff is happening and yes we are working very diligently towards opening. Lots of meetings on Zoom with the National Ski Area Association, the National Ski Patrol, local agencies and even ski areas in Australia and New Zealand. The plan is evolving because the conditions are changing. We are staying on top of everything possible about opening safely in the new norm. NSAA's current reference can be found here and on the front page of the website. Sky Tavern will be a little different this winter just like everywhere else. Stay flexible.
Results of the Annual Meeting
Yale Spina takes the gavel from long time chair Chris Bender.
Chris's focus for the last few years has been to make sure Sky Tavern has a long lease on the property. He accomplished that in December. Now he is back to "just the race coach" and finishing his vintage Lola race car. We will call on him in 2049 to sign the 20-year extension. Thank him when you see him for his time as chairman.
Yale calls himself the new guy but in reality, he is not. He grew up skiing here and Rocco Spina was his grandfather. That Rocco. Recently retired, he was a local ski shop owner, a pro skier, a VP of Hotel Operations for Hilton, Caesars and Harrahs, finishing up as the COO of RVC Outdoor Destinations.
He is the guy to take us to the next level and the one after that. Snowmaking and the lights are square in his sights. I hope I can keep up.
Thanks everyone. Get signed up. There will be skiing this winter.

Friday, September 4, 2020

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