Sky Tavern Log

January 5, 2018

Just a fast note about this weekend.

We are still waiting on snow, just like every other resort in the west to get open. It seems that all our snow went to Florida and the North East so far, but we put in a call to have them send it back. Looks like it is starting to show. They seemed kinda happy to get rid of it. To tell the truth, this is weather is more normal. Winter is only two weeks old. It will snow, and we will get this going. We always have.

So, nothing this weekend going on except cleaning up on Saturday and moving stuff out our summer storage and rental rooms. Ski Patrol, Adaptive and SkyKids want their spaces back!

In the mean time put silver spoons under your pillow, wear your PJs inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet. We will take care of burning the ski gear. That makes it snow.

Thanks, and talk to you soon,


Friday, January 5, 2018

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