It is that time of year when there are not enough hours in the day to get the place ready. Registration is happening and pretty brisk for it still being 70 degrees in town. Prices jump to $20 next week, so get signed up.
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is still coming up, Ski Swap. We will be putting it on in what is the Halloween Store now by Sam's Club on November 20-21. We will be taking all the cautions necessary to pull off a good event with plenty of room to spread out in 25,000 square feet of floor space. Face coverings and all will be required.
New gear, used gear, sell your unused gear. Sky Tavern holds just a little of each sale. This is how we keep Sky Tavern affordable. What you pay to join is 50% of the cost of making all this happen. The rest is fundraising so please help, attend, shop.
(We start setting up on the 18th. Email us at if you can help please)
The second new lift has been manufactured and has left Italy on a ship. We are a little behind on getting construction done. I am the only guy in the ski business that is hoping it stays dry for a few more weeks so we can get these built.
We need some BIG electrical cable to make these lifts go. If anyone has an "in" for a price break please let me know. Copper cable is almost more than the car I drive.
The Board and a few others came up for two clean up days. Ski resorts acquire stuff. This was good to fill a dumpster and a recycling trailer. Plus Lorna is putting serious effort into some very cool painting. Check out some pictures here.
We will get going on rental gear fairly soon also. More coming on that just a little later. Kids grow out of stuff fast so we don't start too early or we end up doing it twice before we open.
Thanks, everyone. We are going to ski this winter. Mt. Rose is running their snowmaking which is always a good sign. The office is closed Thursday the 29th because power poles are being swapped out by NVenergy. Leave a message if need be.
Comments on the new Robert worked on it very hard this summer. I just got in his way.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

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