Sky Tavern Member Update
November 30, 2020
The annual fundraising event of the Sky Tavern Ski Swap is this week, Dec 4-5th. This is historically the largest fundraiser for Sky Tavern. For two days we build a ski shop and try to sell some cool winter gear and make a little money to keep the programs as inexpensive as possible. The benefits of your holiday shopping are kids on the hill.
Please come help, shop, and spread the word.
This Audi A4 was donated to Sky Tavern. Needs a little bodywork and some tires but starts and goes pretty good. It was the donor's first new car. Someone want to come look and make an offer please? Teri says four automotive projects right now are enough for a three-car garage. Find me at Ski Swap and I will tell you what I know about it.
This will seem counterproductive but we have lots of rentals still to get out. Ski, poles, boots, or boards and boots are $60 for the year. It is great stuff if you are starting out. If you need faster and newer see Bobos. Just like most stuff at Sky our rental gear has had a former home but is all tuned and tested for 2021. Sign in to your Sky Tavern account online and fill out the rental form online. Then you can make an appointment to get fitted. We are trying to not have a jam up in the lodge this year.
Helmets are required to ski and board by everyone at Sky Tavern and we do not rent them. Go to the Ski Swap.
Some form of orientation meeting is coming after Ski Swap is cleaned up. Watch for the notice. There will be skiing this season because kids need to get out. I am optimistic about this year and extremely cautious too. I have grandkids in the program too.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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