January 6, 2021
Dear Sky Tavern Members,
A very quick update. Our usual amount of communication has been disrupted along with everything else this season. Not doing the meetings in the California Building is cramping us and I am sure, adding confusion for new members. Most years I send so many emails and have so many orientation meetings new families are sick of me by opening day. This year staying ahead of tasks is impossible. The amount of things to do to open has tripled or more. Snow cures all and will let us get going. Stay tuned.
In light of the events in Washington DC Wednesday, Sky Tavern is a minor player in life, but I do need to inform you of what our situation is. We are behind because of COVID prep, weather, and building the new lifts. All these affect the start time for the program. We are NOT opening this weekend for kids. We have to get instructors ready first and we need more snow to have kids on the hill. Sorry but right now even looking out two weeks is a gamble so the schedule is a guess. My crystal ball is one of those eight balls you turn over and the answers float up to see. (Kidding. It is an 800 number to the psychic hotline)
1.     January 9th. First instructor day. We are going to open for ONLY certified instructors and returning instructors Saturday morning. Be there at 9 to learn about this year's changes. What lifts (see #3 below) we can run will be turning at 10 after a talk from ski and snowboard school directors. This includes Jr Instructors. Closed Sunday except for scheduled gear rentals. Pretty sure this is going to happen. Bring food.
2.     New instructors can take their first lesson on being instructors starting at 1 PM Saturday, January 9th. What lifts we can turn, we will. If you are a new JR instructor, get up here. SkyKid parent instructor training starts in a week, 16-17th. Saturday is all for adults and Jr instructors that are going to instruct age 6+ classes. This is not a day for kids to show and play. Sorry, instructing is fun but serious stuff. Sky Tavern needs a strong instructor staff that understands what to do. More instructor training and possibly support member orientation will be 16-17th. Watch for email.
3.     The snow coverage is not enough to open completely yet. On the back of the cards, your passes came with was instructions on how to make it snow. Come on. Get on with it. Wear PJs backward, flush ice cubes. Maybe not burn old ski equipment since we all love penguins. The top of the hill is still dirt and so is the backtrail. We are going to try to move some snow for this Saturday but we need a STORM! We saw a bit of rain last storm. No fun.
4.     Not all bad news. The second new lift, Webster, is in. It is not 100% done but will be soon. The electrician will be working Saturday. If you helped put it up this past week and 40+ of you did, we all owe you. Kids years from now owe you! We had to hustle because of the weather coming in. A great many things got put on hold to build the lift but in the end, it will be worth it.
5.     The first new lift, Rocco, is done. (Without both of these new lifts running, beginners are walking. We need them at 100%. There is just a short to-do list.)
6.     Rental skis and boards are almost finished. The cupboard is almost bare for Sky Tavern ski gear. If you need skis or boards please do not think you will get them the first day, plan ahead. Purchase rental at skytavern.org. The gear is not new but great to learn on. Supplies are getting low. Rentals end the weekend of 16-17. Start here for gear.
7.     Sky Tavern is almost at capacity for this season. Rules have dictated restrictions. Sign up now or sit at home this winter. The ceiling is the number of members and we are very close to pulling down the membership site. Sorry but the real world in 2021.
8.     Buses. We might or not have a bus program this year. If we do it will not be the opening weekend. Again it is just the real world. If you are a bus student you will be getting an email with options soon. Sorry.
9.      January 16th and 17th will be more instructor time and perhaps support member orientation on the hill. Usually, we have all met in the California Building by now. Yea, not possible now. We are working on an alternative. Building the lift pushed this back.
10.  Because the two-person staff in the office is doing other needed tasks right now, please leave a message. We will get back to you.
FAQs here. Opening dates and other info may be inaccurate. Always look to emails for the latest. Dates at Sky Tavern are fluid is the understatement of all time.
Watch emails to confirm all this for Saturday. Weather controls Sky Tavern now. We are going to get this going for kids.
Webster is up!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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